How social media can impact you

As a young person who spends much of her time on the internet, I’ve seen a fair share of things that can be spread. In school I had heard about how social media can mess with your head and impact your mood, but I never believed it. I always just thought I wouldn’t be someone who was affected. However, the more time I spent mindlessly scrolling and taking in all the negativity that can be spread, I began to notice the differences in myself. I was cynical, I cared less about my work and school, and I spent less time interacting with people in person. When I noticed how different I had become, it sparked a question. Did others face this too?

While it is very easy to get wrapped up in social media in our day-to-day lives, have you ever considered how it can really impact you? In this technological age, the apps we know and love like Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, or Youtube are one of the many ways people stay connected with the world. You’re probably reading this on one of these platforms. But spending too much time on these can significantly impact your lifestyle. Here’s why:

1) Misinformation is spread easily

As much as social media keeps us in the loop of what’s happening around the world, it is very easy to share false information. Considering how influential it is, it’s very easy to believe something that is simply false.

2) They can make you feel poor in comparison to what’s being presented

Especially for younger generations, social media can cause us to feel insecure about ourselves. While everyone should understand that the photos you see can be easily edited to look the way that they do, it is easy to compare yourself to what you’re seeing. This can highlight our internal inadequacies and make us feel small.

3) Depression and stress

While it is good to stay aware, hearing of unnecessary drama and toxicity can cause you stress and even depression. Studies show that a large number of people who use social media daily are at a higher risk of developing mental health disorders or conditions.

These are three of the many ways social media can affect your life negatively. Fortunately, there are ways to lessen the stress of social media and ensure your usage of it is healthy enough for you. Regularly taking breaks by deleting the apps off your phone or setting timers to make sure you don’t scroll for hours. There is no way to completely eliminate the stress in your life, but knowing how to help yourself in different ways can really make a difference.

I’ve seen first hand how social media works. It seems like something that is completely harmless, but here’s the truth: too much of anything can be bad for you. And while you may not notice it right now, you may be affected by it too. So here’s my message for you: The photos you see and the things you read aren’t the standard for who you should be. Your self worth isn’t determined by what you see online. You are enough.



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